Looking for a training contract or post-qualification position? Need inside information on a particular firm? Looking to develop your CV?

The Merseyside JLD offers a wide range of educational services to its members, from a District Judge Shadowing Scheme to mentoring schemes in conjunction with LPC providers in the Merseyside area and beyond. The main activities operated by the Merseyside JLD are:

  • District Judge Shadowing Scheme.
  • Magistrates Shadowing Scheme.
  • Crown Court Marshalling Scheme.
  • CPD accredited seminars in conjunction with Liverpool Law Society

In addition, the Merseyside JLD is able to offer general and/or firm specific advice and information on Merseyside firms from large national firms to small or high street practices.

Do you think you could benefit?  E-mail our Education Representative, Hannah Bickley at hbickley@broudiejacksoncanter.co.uk for more information.

Thoughts and comments from our Members;

District Judge Shadowing Scheme

“Thanks for the opportunity of attending the judicial shadowing, it was a great insight into how the DJ operate and has made me want to take part in a lot more advocacy whilst on my training contract. Also DJ Baker was lovely, so motivational about our careers.”

“Just a line to let you know how the day went yesterday- I found the whole experience really enjoyable. Both District Judge Baker and Ranson were very friendly and approachable, they were happy to answer any questions that I had and were very informative. Their time and effort is much appreciated- please do pass this onto them. I feel that I learnt a lot during the morning and I found it very interesting to watch things from the Judges side of the bench. I would highly recommend this to any of my colleagues.”

Crown Court Marshalling Scheme

“Everything appeared to go smoothly and the court clerks were extremely helpful and gave me copies of various court documents, interview transcripts etc, during the various hearings.”

Magistrates Shadowing Scheme

“Thank you for the opportunity today. I was able to sit through cases involving domestic violence today. It was interesting to see how the solicitors interacted with each other and it was also interesting to witness first hand that the judge tries to balance out the interests of all parties involved considering the circumstances given. We sat through a number of cases and I’ve noticed that there is a repetition of the necessary formalities at the start and end of each case. It was good as it gave you a sort of indication as to what the judge wants to do.”

“This definitely is an invaluable experience, and had bridged the gap between my theory and practice of law. Thanks for arranging scheme such like this. I look forward for more experiences like this in the future.”